auditee is a tool to help verifying the reproducibility of Intel SGX enclave builds. This can be helpful to assess if a given signed enclave build and/or remote attestation report correspond to some source code.

Although currently focused on Intel SGX, some concepts may be applicable to other trusted execution environments (TEEs).


In order to use all the functionalities that auditee can provide, the Intel SGX SDK must be installed. If you don’t want to bother with, the easiest is to clone the repo and use the provided Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml. The examples assume this setup for now. See below for an alternative installation, without docker, in which the Intel SGX SDK is installed.

Clone the GitHub repository:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules

Note the --recurse-submodules option to initialize the git submodules used in the examples.

Alternative installtion (without docker)


The Intel SGX SDK version 2.14 must be installed.

Create a virtual environment, e.g.:

python3.8 -m venv ~/.venvs/auditee

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) aka virtual environment:

source ~/.venvs/auditee/bin/activate

Install auditee from GitHub:

pip install git+

To install the SGX SDK, see

Here’s an example for installing the SDK on Ubuntu 20.04, under $HOME:

wget -O sdk.bin --progress=dot:giga

echo d0626ffb36c2e20c589d954fb968fded24ce51529b8b61a42febb312fd9debfc sdk.bin" | sha256sum --strict --check -
chmod +x sdk.bin
./sdk.bin --prefix=~/
echo 'source ~/sgxsdk/environment' >> ~/.bashrc

Here’s an example for installing the SDK on Ubuntu 18.04, under ~/:

wget -O sdk.bin --progress=dot:giga
echo 3509a16e37e172369e1c4c4664047ad08bf3e608588a3a0df7367401e5f81e97 sdk.bin" | sha256sum --strict --check -
chmod +x sdk.bin
./sdk.bin --prefix=~/
echo 'source ~/sgxsdk/environment' >> ~/.bashrc


See the examples documented under SGX Hash Machine and SGX IoT Gateway, for an in-depth look into how auditee can be used.

Documentation of the main interfaces is at Tool Reference.

There’s also simple command-line, still under development that can be used, e.g.:

auditee mrenclave --help

usage: auditee mrenclave [-h]
                     [--signed-binary SIGNED_BINARY | --src SRC | --ias-response IAS_RESPONSE | --quote-binary QUOTE_BINARY]

Compute the MRENCLAVE of an enclave.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --signed-binary SIGNED_BINARY
                        signed enclave binary
  --src SRC             enclave source code (local file path or git repository URL)
  --ias-response IAS_RESPONSE
  --quote-binary QUOTE_BINARY

    Compute the MRENCLAVE from a signed enclave binary:
    $ auditee mrenclave --signed-binary

    Compute the MRENCLAVE from local source code:
    $ auditee mrenclave --src sgx-iot/

    Compute the MRENCLAVE from source code of a remote git repository:
    $ auditee mrenclave --src

    Specify a branch or a commit:
    $ auditee mrenclave --src
    $ auditee mrenclave --src

    Compute the MRENCLAVE from an IAS verification report:
    $ auditee mrenclave --ias-response ias_response.json